Police and Military Stakeholder’s Final Reflection

For approximately the past two weeks, The FergusonPrj4 has been sending out tweets several times a day into the Twittersphere to investigate and study people’s reactions to each stakeholder’s point of view on the topic of the Ferguson case. From the Police and Military stakeholder, I sent out information and tweets about Police and Military personnel’s reactions to both the verdict of Darren Wilson’s case, and the reactions to the protests that have occurred because of the shooting and killing of Michael Brown. Through my tweets, I tried to put out relevant information pertaining to what the Ferguson and St. Louis Police thought about the events of this case, in which I found several articles documenting the thoughts of Jon Belmar, Chief of St. Louis Police Department. In addition, to document my findings of Military personnel’s opinions of the case, I found several articles that documented the thoughts of Military veterans’ opinions of the events of Ferguson, and even found an article in which active Military personnel urged the National Guard, who were ordered to help keep the city of Ferguson safe from active protesters, to join in with the protesters as they believed an injustice had been committed in the shooting of Michael Brown and non-indictment decision of Darren Wilson. Though we did not receive many responses from our tweets, it was still quite interesting to learn about the Police and Military’s point of view on the Ferguson case, and more broadly issues of social justice, in addition to the other three stakeholders’ points of view as well. The most significant message that I took from this project is how crucial social media is in spreading information about issues of social justice, or rather injustice, and how crucial it can be in starting entire movements in the hope of social change.

The group process of this project worked really well. The fact that we were able to perform this project from four different stakeholders and their points of view really brought a diversity of opinions and ideas to the table, and helped us create a full story of the Ferguson case and how people responded to it. I think this project would not have been able to incorporate so many different opinions and points of view about this case and topic had it been done by one person. Everyone contributed in the group equally and accurately depicted their stakeholder’s opinions and point of view about the shooting of Michael Brown and jury decision on the non-indictment of Darren Wilson. I feel that if we had more time to perform this project, we would have received more attention to our twitter account and may have received more responses with a diversity of opinions about each stakeholder’s views of this social justice event. This project was a great learning experience, and hopefully in the future, someone else, with more time, can continue our work and really delve into the responses and opinions that individuals provide about such issues of environmental injustice.

Police and Military Stakeholder’s Final Reflection

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