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   It is quite interesting to see these events play out and how they have affected not only Ferguson and New York but elsewhere as well.  I recently visited a talk that my Resident Director lead regarding the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases and found it quite astonishing the faculty, staff, and students quite disappointed with the student body’s involvement in protests against injustice.  Several topics were brought into discussion, but one in particular really stood out for our project.  Many students mentioned how the incidence of the Michael Brown shooting should not be taken as one individual incidence but rather a whole collaboration against the injustice in the country.  There has been so much focus on the events occurring in Ferguson that we have become blind to realizing that these issues happen constantly and that they should be addressed in unison, not in separate movements.  Why hasn’t my college student body motivated others to protest against the social injustices seen and why haven’t there been bigger protests outside of the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and  Eric Garner cases?  Like I have mentioned in my previous post, even students have taken noticed the urge to change subject and attention away from the events that have taken place over the past three months and focus on other issues and concerns.  It disheartened me to hear that many students when discussing the subject of injustice many  were told to change the subject.  Apparently discussing injustice is too “sensitive” of a topic and not appealing.   The conversation made me question our project as a whole. Is it horrible that we are only focusing on one event? Unfortunately, this will technically be our last posts, as this was meant to be a short project. As I write this post, I believe this project would have been more efficient if we started it from the beginning of the year rather than one month ago.  I still have great interest in these topics and might decide to create my own blog still discussing the issues I feel are important to the injustice movement.  This project, and most of all the discussion I attended re, gave me a new and very clear perspective on these issues and made we want to continue supporting the movement against social injustice.  #Government #FergusonPrj4

Last Post: Government Stakeholder

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