A Saddening History of the Ferguson Police Department

Representing the Police an Military stakeholder, I wanted to research the history of the Ferguson Police Department. When investigating the history of the Ferguson police department, and other cases similar to that of Michael Brown’s case, I was surprised to find that there is documented evidence of similar cases of police brutality in the past, pertaining to black individuals as well. According to an article written in the International Business Times online, the Ferguson Police department has been sued twice in federal court for alleged civil rights violations (International Business Time, ” Before Mike Brown Shooting, Ferguson Police Department had History of Misconduct Allegations”). One of the cases was dropped, and the other is pending decision. An additional civil suit was filed against this police department because of an incident in 2009, in which a resident was charged with destruction of property when he bled on the uniforms of officers while he was allegedly beaten. The decision for this case is to come out this month as well. To hear about all these tragic events, and the fact that they are documented online and in the media, and yet no one has mentioned or even heard about these is quite saddening. It seems that every day, more and more incidents similar to the Ferguson case like Michael Brown’s, and recently this week with the Eric Garner incident, are occurring almost like a domino effect. I believe that it is only going to get worse as more and more similar cases are arising from the past that were originally overlooked. And with those cases come more decisions, and if justice is not done or does not prevail in those cases, I fear that society will become very angry and very chaotic, and may look to more extreme, even violent measures, to make their opinions heard.

To prevent further injustice from occurring in our society, like many similar incidents as those of Ferguson and Eric Garner’s, what can we as individuals do to be proactive in society and through the media to make our voices and opinions heard?

For your information, the link to the International Business Times article is below: http://www.ibtimes.com/mike-brown-shooting-ferguson-police-department-had-history-misconduct-allegations-1661674

A Saddening History of the Ferguson Police Department

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