2nd Week Reflection: Government Stakeholder

It has been over a week since my last post, and so much has changed in Ferguson.  In response to the released statement of the grand jury opposing the indictment of Officer Wilson, crime ensued but much less so.  While searching for articles to utilizer for the Twitter account, I found the media focusing highly on the crime that relayed after the grand jury’s decision and less on the peaceful protests that were in greater masses in comparison to the damages done in Ferguson.  I find it very interesting that many of the media and governmental officials found solace in the Thanksgiving weekend and little media attention was placed on the repercussions of Ferguson at that time.

I am finding it more and more difficult to find sources that still link to our discussion of the Ferguson shooting which saddens me to see that many media sources and governmental officials have already closed the case, despite the possible changes to be pressed against Officer Wilson in the near future.  Thus my group members and I will take a different approach to tackling this gradual lack of attention on Ferguson by taking a step back from the Ferguson shooting to address other events that have occurred in Ferguson, such as the demographics and past police and community relations.

We hope this will draw the remaining supporters of the attention to the Ferguson case and are proud of their continued involvement in this important issue that may define this era.  As for the Twitter feed we have received 12 followers which is a big accomplishment, but have not received any responses or frequent retweets.  We hope to bring attention to this issue closer to home by having a Twitter account made for our class to respond to our Twitter and blog to see if we are successful in bringing not only more attention to this issue but to get a better analysis of the issue.

2nd Week Reflection: Government Stakeholder

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