Reflections of the community and activism stakeholder

My role as the community and activism stakeholder is to represent all sides of the community reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. This includes responses from not only the immediate community in Ferguson, MO, but also across the nation. I would like to delve into more of the history behind the surrounding community and what has led to the outrage that there is today in future Twitter posts. One of the harder parts of taking on this role is to not put my own opinions into these tweets, and really try to reflect exactly how the community and activists feel, even though the majority of community opinion matches with my personal opinion pretty well.

What I have found logistically difficult so far is putting the thoughts and feelings of the community into only 140 characters, and of course getting followers and people to interact and respond. Social media, especially Twitter, is a hot spot for community voices, and it is hard to pick and choose which ones are most prominent or meaningful since they all have strong emotions behind them. This is why deciding what to post before and after the verdict came out was hard, and I thought with the trial verdict being released that people would be eager to respond or re-tweet anything that had to do with Ferguson since they would want to spread the word, but I guess it takes time to gain respect on Twitter.

What I have noticed so far from the community and activist opinions is outrage over the justice system. People are enraged about the grand jury decision to not indict Darren Wilson.  But the reasoning is due to how easy it is for a MO police officer to get out of indictment because of the laws in MO. People often question the authenticity of our justice system in cases like the Ferguson case Wilson, not necessarily because of the demographics of the Jury, but the laws currently place. Yet, I am thrilled to witness the positive response it has taken.  People all over the country of different ages and ethnic backgrounds coming together to raise awareness about  social injustices; it is the first step towards change and a brighter future.

Reflections of the community and activism stakeholder

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